Soft lock Bittersweet Misery - Fixed

Hello everyone!

Just learned 2 days ago that BitterSweet Misery had a soft lock problem and was unbeatable till now unless you knew about some secret areas. So... sorry about that I did fix the issue now. I wanted to warn you though because updating the game might corrupt save files and might as well reset all the unlockable content. To prevent your save files to be corrupted, and to keep the unlocked content i'd recommend you do backups of specific files.

To keep your saves secured:

Copy them elsewhere and place them back in the DATA folder after the game is updated. Those saves are named "Save0.zds", "Save1.zds" etc...

To prevent the unlockable content to reset:
These unlockables depends of the ini file named "lzdoom_portable" located in the DATA folder. Copy it elsewhere and put it back in the DATA folder after the game is updated.

Thank you so much to all of you for the support and for playing Dismantled! A bigger update will follow later that will fix everything else but I just wanted to make sure the expansion was fully playable as soon as possible before anything else.


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12 days ago

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