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Mortila is not dead, but will need time before a future release as the project is on hiatus for now.


It all begins Several years ago, when an elder demon by the name of Errinn ruled over the nine realms. A group of powerful mages from the earth realm took the quest to stop her reign for good. 

They created a sacred staff, blessed by the gods themselves, and approached Errinn's realm. After a protracted and merciless battle in her realm, the mages have achieved victory and finished their ambitious quest.

Errinn falls to her knees, and becomes imprisoned in a magical stone. Years pass, Errinn's elusive remaining servants have been searching for an item that could free her gathering hints in the city of Asiras of the earth realm. They approached the city, grounded it to dust, and found an amulet the king wore around his neck which managed to release Errinn from the stone...

  • Choose your hero between multiple playable character classes.
  • Travel between 9 different wide realms.
  • Hours & hours of gameplay.

Install instructions

Mortila requires Hexen.wad  and GZDoom to play.

Drag Mortila beta 2.66.pk3 over GZDOOM.exe to start playing.

MAY BE BETTER PLAYING WITH GZDOOM 3.2 ONLY. It have not been tested with other release of Gzdoom.


Mortila Beta 2.66.rar 282 MB


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I remember reading about this on the ZDoom forum, back in... 2014, I think? I'll have to give this a try later.


yes Mortila is in production since back in 2011. It's been a while ahahah

I also  found that the bug with  "use" key not only opening the trade screen, but also instantly buying the selected thing, same issue applies to artificier´s making menu. But problem is that as he even makes weapons he already has in inventory, it forces me to waste pieces of junk each time I open the menu.


Thank you very Much Reginald_CZ for your bug reports it Will really help me out when i Will Return on editing Mortila. And Do not worry it is not dead, it's just that i'm currently Working on Dismantled full release. Thank you for playing through it to the end! You should have played it a lot to find all this.. i already see ways to fix many of those.. i dont understand that i could not find those myself, some are pretty obvious. and for the World destroyer i did test it myself and managed to survive, even though you are right about the Flying monsters, i might change this fight a Little bit. And for the missing sprite it is normal, i've put this as placeholder because the sprites where not done yet. Again a big thanks to you, i rarely receive bugs reports so it's Much appreciated. I hope you enjoyed your journey!

Hi, thanks for the great mod. And even aside of game breaking bugs, I have enjoyed my journey well. Aside that underwater temple with grinders.

During my replaying of the game as Artificier I found some more bugs, though. First, when I made my second weapon, flamethrower, I couldn´t access it and even cheat "give flamethrower" didn´t help. Though I later found that on list of Mortila´s weapons the weapon is technically named "FlamethrowerMortila" and when I put that in cheat "give", it gave me the flamethrower which I previously made.

Also one time during the escorting quest of a dwarf at White lands, when he got hit by multiple shots from Frost maidens, he got stuck and I had to reload previous save.

Also I forgot to mention one thing of my previous playthrough - I don´t know if that´s a bug or some time travelling feature, but after getting the staff, during apocalypse of Earth realm, in White lands (I think "Long bridge to hell" or whatever it´s apocalypse variant´s name is) when I got to that one hill with dwarf camp, which appeared there during the apocalypse and also there is a labyrinth on that same hill, when I tried to leave that hill on its western exit, I suddenly got teleported to some building in Northern forest, where I was stuck in a  room, until some dwarf broke the doors and freed me out. Then I got teleported to I think Deep falls or some other area, but pre-apocalypse one, with just raining. Because I don´t know if I am supposed to get to that labyrinth at White lands before apocalypse, I tried to just get there by fly cheat and on my exit on its west side, same thing happened.

And one more thing how player can break a mod, if he gets drunk but before passing out he leaves tavern,  he stays in permanent drunk mode and even when he enters to Mortila (North one, named "Mortila"), there even game starts saying me how it failed to  find some scripts.

Talking about missing scripts, I forgot which one it was, but when I was passing The Gorge, game was repeatedly telling me how it can´t find some script. I could pass through the area though.

Also as I have now arrived to Hamfolk, it´s shame how  that area doesn´t have any sidequests (aside of that one of getting supplies for survivors of Mortila destruction).  Also Gorgon´s territory seems just to be some optional arena, without any quests to do, aside of fighting enemies and getting gold/jewellery to expand my character. Unless you are preparing some more quests there, as somebody already said it on ZDoom forums, it would be nice and also make more sense if  the Victor´s head instead of just being in some random house, would instead be connected somehow with Hamfolk, either being as quest reward or better, hidden somewhere in Gorgon´s territory, because why  would Erinn hide  one  of the "key parts" to her domain just in some random house,  instead of hiding it in some heavily guarded place? And it would also give us proper reason to got to Hamfolk and Gorgon´s territory, aside of getting third weapon with vanilla classes.

First I have finished the mod and it was great, aside of one boss battle unwinnable without godmode and second half which is unfinished, but aside of two or three game breaking bugs you  can still play through  the mod  fine, as you  can avoid these bugs if you know what you  are doing.

And I have discovered new bugs. First one is again at Mortila at third day, where if you do that other quest where you are looking for another character before you´ll go to save hostages, this quest then resets and you have to do it again. It seems that this quest also shouldn´t be available before saving hostages.

Then, after third day, when you go to crystal caves and there are some survivors with Ettin grinder, the survivors have missing sprites again.

But this game has some game breaking bugs, which  need to be fixed! First, now when I am replaying  the mod as artificier class, I have encountered one bug which makes you stuck in first dream - when you get too much  drunk  in tavern that you fall uncouncious, you´ll enter the dream and after some time you wake up from it. But if you then at same day go get drunk again to return to the dream, you´ll get stuck  there as the script number 2 at the map doesn´t start for some reason and to get out of the dream, you need to go to console and use command "puke 2" to  start that script again.

Later,  when you need to find Victor´s body part, its head is somewhere in Earth realm. But problem is, that after certain part of the game the world changes forever and you can´t find the head anymore, even in same area where it should be normally. So then the game is unfinishable, unless you use either noclip cheat or cheat for giving you the head.

Talking about the world changing forever, it happens when you enter the Temple in Mortila. Before entering it make sure you are done with exploring, doing sidequests, etc. at Earth realm, because it won´t be possible after entering the temple. And make sure that you get the Victor´s head before entering there.

Now back to game breaking bugs, another bug happens in the Temple of Mortila. Because you  can leave this temple without collecing the sacred staff there, which is at the beginning of the temple, which you can unlock by pressing all buttons you can  find. But if you instead of returning all way to the beginning of the temple exit it, you won´t be able to return to the temple and as the staff is necessary to defeat two bosses in the game, you won´t be able to progress at certain parts, unless using cheat "give weapons".

Now not directly game breaking bug, more a balance issue, but did author try to fight the World destroyer boss? Because without God mode it´s unwinnable. As sometimes there during fight you need to hold QTE key which makes you ground and unable to move and as there are both ranged and melee enemies spawning around you constantly, and you can´t avoid their projectiles, you will die very quickly.

And last game breaking bug, if you have the sacred staff and want it to have blessed, bless it only once. If you  have blessed it more times,  it breaks the script which later won´t allow you to access the final boss, due "needing to find stronger weapon to defeat it", even though you already have it, without some console commands.

That´s all of my bug report and it´s really shame that this mod seems to be dead, as I liked it a lot. It´s not action heavy like in case of Ressurection of serpent riders, but I liked it´s world design.

I started playing the mod at GZDoom version  4.2.4, as Cleric and  already found some bugs:

  1. Blacksmith at Mortila - when I press Use button on him to open trade menu, the game instantly automatically try to buy the default selected weapon (which was serpent staff) and  also in the trading menu  when I pressed  movement keys for  moving through the menu, I also moved forwards or backwards in game, which shouldn´t happen and doesn´t happen  at other traders.
  2. Halling cove - dwarf´ s camp - first, there is a bug that if  I go to dig tunnels before I kill frost maidens  at  Halling cove, I can then automatically progress with following quests taking place in the tunnels before  finishing this one. Which means that later, when I end the quest chain about tunnels in the dwarf´s camp and go back to Halling cove, my character mentions that all  maidens are killed after doing so and when I return back to the quest giver and talk to him, he  gives me  reward and then he asks me to do all the quests which I did previously for him.
  3. Halling cove - dwarf´ s camp - at the quest about finding a dwarf´s wife in the  tunnels near the ancient temple, she has missing sprite. As you can see in the  screenshot below.
  4. Halling cove - dwarf´ s camp - minor one, but when a dwarf was telling me that I am trustworthy enough for them to let me to trade with their traders in their shops, he said it to me as my character instead as him (with yellow text starting with: "Reginald CZ:".
  5. Third day ending too soon probably  - after killing the great dark mage who could destroy Mortila, day ends even when I didn´t rescue the hostages from the another town (forgot its name). And at the next night nothing happens, probably due not me finishing all previous good main quests.


I'm late but a big thanks my friend for all those bugs reports! i'm currently working on fixing all those.. can't believe i did'nt noticed them before.. 

And I have one more bug to report. At optional boss fight with Zaniaryss, at the level "Map 55 - Earth realm - Hall of Zaniaryss", when I started the bossfight, there was some script error (forgot number). After killing Zaniaryss, despise her health  bar dissapearing from HUD, her name stayed there, and the boss music didn´t stop, nor the invisible wall blocking the exit, so I had noclip out of there and of course didn´t get the reward for defeating the boss, whatever it is.

Also I have noticed that the mod has few areas where aside of exploration there is no reason to go (Gorgon territory, temple of forgotten God and the sewers under the second town, forgot its name). There would be nice to have some side quest. Or are these areas for the evil story line, which isn´t implemented yet (aside that creepy NPC in one Mortilla´s house)?

Thanks for the report, i'll fix those as well you are really helpfull. For the areas well.. yes some of them are just there for explorations and rewards.. but the sewers of Halmfolk is for the side story of Halmfolk.. i have yet to work on all those side story quests. Many things are still undone.