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It all begins Several years ago, when an elder demon by the name of Errinn ruled over the nine realms. A group of powerful mages from the earth realm took the quest to stop her reign for good. 

They created a sacred staff, blessed by the gods themselves, and approached Errinn's realm. After a protracted and merciless battle in her realm, the mages have achieved victory and finished their ambitious quest.

Errinn falls to her knees, and becomes imprisoned in a magical stone. Years pass, Errinn's elusive remaining servants have been searching for an item that could free her gathering hints in the city of Asiras of the earth realm. They approached the city, grounded it to dust, and found an amulet the king wore around his neck which managed to release Errinn from the stone...

  • Choose your hero between multiple playable character classes.
  • Travel between 9 different wide realms.
  • Hours & hours of gameplay.

Install instructions

Mortila requires Hexen.wad  and GZDoom to play.

Drag Mortila beta 2.66.pk3 over GZDOOM.exe to start playing.

MAY BE BETTER PLAYING WITH GZDOOM 3.2 ONLY. It have not been tested with other release of Gzdoom.


Mortila Beta 2.66.rar 282 MB

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